Pilmaiquén graduated from the internationally renowned university for experimental and contemporary dance – SEAD in Salzburg Austria in 2013 and since then has been working on stage as a performer in music and dance – which both have become her biggest passions from the young age of 4, when she first started to take dance classes. By the age of 6 she began to learn classical piano and later on the guitar. She then started writing her own songs at the age of 16 and recorded her first Album with her former band as Nigrita & The Mellowbeats (2012) followed by several self directed art projects „CIRCUS VOYAGE“ (2015), „FOUR SPELLS“ (2017) and another Album OUT OF THE BLUE (2019).

Over the years the Austrian-Argentinian vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and dancer Pilmaiquén designed her unique blend of Reggae, Psychedelic Rock & Neo Soul based on a playful roughness and passion for raw interpretations.

As an artist recognized by the Austrian government she has received several fundings, one of which was the AIR scholarship of the City of Salzburg which aided in realizing international collaborations and build conversation with the art & culture in Lisbon, Portugal.


The encounter with international artists from various cultures, religions, traditions and social origins in her growing up and in her studies became the ground for inspiration in Pilmaiquén’s makings and further on in the constant development of her personal identity as an artist.

When she looks at the realities of her ancestors‘ lives, Pilmaiquén becomes aware of the fascinatingly broad spectrum of cultural connections in several ways: They lived in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Italy, South Africa and Argentina, which means their linguistic diversity extends from Czech to German, Afrikaans, Hungarian, Italian and Spanish.

Their social realities also depict an impressive spectrum across the different classes and life realities: from the unemployed to the bank executive, from servants and maids to mining workers, from the poor to wealthy industrialists, from migrants to war refugees, from adventurers to artists who were not allowed to realize themselves as such.

„Whether Roman Catholic, Protestant or Jewish, whether socially poorly placed or privileged – they all had to master the political circumstances, famines and world wars, but also economic miracles, longings and hopes for new beginnings.” 


Making music as well as listening to music feels like the most powerful tool
to access my profound longings and find expression.

I reach a profound place in my heart
Where the rhythm washes away time and space.
No future, no past.

It is that place that I meet sorrow and pain,
It is there where I meet fear.

In that same place lies the source of immense power and joy.
Revealing itself when letting sorrow be,
when breathing through pain
and sailing above fear.

I sail above my fear when I sing
I let go of sorrow when I move.

From that profound beat in my heart,
music expands to my body and makes me dance.

I dance to celebrate life.
I dance to see that place within
and witness the wonder with the eyes of a child.
Always new.
Always Now.

I heave my legs and bring the earth into vibration
for that has always been the invitation to the spirits.

We dance as mothers.
As healers.
As Goddesses.