She skilfully continues her very special tradition of crossing borders between genres, musical styles and event formats. Nigrita aka Pilmaiquén will also present material of her upcoming album „Out of the Blue“. In anycase, one can expect a moving show – personal and intimate embedded in the wide soundscape of a beautiful song collection in which you can sense great dedication and love for trade.“

mica–musicaustria – DidiNeidhart – 2.5.2019 

„Nigrita aka Pilmaiquén changes from the key-boards to the dance floor, she is strong in both me-tiers. In a few simple steps, she generates minimal music loops and immediately becomes part of the group, which commutes between dream and alert-ness for seventy minutes.“ – 8.6.2018

With her performance „Four Spells“ she combined her identity as a musician with her identity as a dancer. The Salzburg native is not only a musician but also a professionally trained dancer. All lyrics are from Nigrita aka Pilmaiquén and it seems they have gained some more depth since the separation of her for-mer band. Together with five dancers and five musicians, she took the audience on a journey through contemporary dance and thoughtful sounds. The enthusiasm of the audience was intense and you could hear the jubilation far out the venue down the streets. „ – 16.9.2017

„Nigrita aka Pilmaiquén(…) is a good musician with an expressive voice. Her style of singing aims to indulge in feelings and ecstatic sound. (…) Nigrita herself, her brother Camillo Mainque Jenny on drums, David Binderberger on guitar and Raphael Schwarzacher on electric bass are professionals.

Christoph Lindenbauer-Kronenzeitung – 19.5.2019“